Death on a Pale Green Horse , Oil and matte-medium transfer on Stonehenge, 50" x 61", 2018   Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch's iconic  Garden of Earthly Delights , the paintings in "Happy Animal" combine the detail-rich symbolism of Early Netherlandish painting with the bright colors found in Pop Art. Lisa Frank’s popular illustrations of animals are another important influence on these paintings, which flirt with nostalgia for ‘90s era optimism and kitsch. Photo transfers and digital collages accompany the paintings, incorporating found photographs that nod towards the influence that memes, news footage, and nature programs like  Planet Earth  have on our conception of the natural world. Together the paintings and photographs stand at the juncture of the old and the new, the analog and the digital. In this juxtaposition of media, the exhibition oscillates between celebrating biodiversity and critiquing the ongoing destruction of the natural world.
  Foraging , Oil and matte-medium transfer on linen, 42” x 31”, 2016  “Catalpa, Burdock, Clover, Worm” situates intimate portraits of family and friends in the lush environment of the Arkansas Ozarks. The large, narrative works on canvas are created through a unique combination of ink washes, digital photo transfers, and figurative painting. These processes create friction between the smooth, hyper-detailed, painted passages and the accidents, scratches, and fragmentation that result from the photo transfers. This series also often draw on the visual vocabulary of Renaissance artists, mapping religious iconography onto specific stories of death and rebirth in the environment. Alongside the paintings, this exhibition included a grow-station with live plants, a a foraging jacket covered in local edible plants and mushrooms, and a hand-built solar oven. By depicting human relationships within their specific ecosystems, these paintings entwine portraiture and landscape painting to enact the entwinement of our personal lives with the lives of the habitats we live in.
 Installation of "Exuberant Spring" at the Deep Space Gallery in Iowa City, 2016. Original mural with oil paintings.
  Camera Trap , acrylic and toner on canvas, 102” x 62”, 2015
  Google Earth View of the Konza Prairie , Oil and photo transfer on Naugahyde with marbled frame and lava lamps, 110” x 20”, 2015